Becoming a minimalist

For my first blog post I thought I’d take the time to inform you about my decision to become a minimalist and my thoughts on it.  I had been thinking for a while now about how great it would be to be able to live out of a backpack.  I’m sure a lot of people would agree, maybe even yourself, that living out of a backpack isn’t very likely because of all the things you need, like hygiene products and clothes, clothes themselves take up a lot of room, but I have heard that there are people who actually do it.  I have also thought about getting rid of most of my stuff but never got around to it because of how much there is to go through.


Well, I was watching some videos on YouTube where different people were talking about minimalism and how much better their lives are because of it.  The idea of being happier was appealing to me.  So, I started doing it, I am going through all my stuff and getting rid of most of it.  I’d love to just get rid of everything and start from scratch, but the truth is that if you don’t have anything to occupy your time you will get really bored.  So, I kept the stuff I enjoy, and that I believe will make my life better.


My understanding of minimalism is that you live your life with only the things you need and that make you happy.  It seems to me that as human beings we have a desire to own lots of things.  We see something we like or think we need, so we buy it for whatever reason, thinking it will make our life easier or make us happier.  Do the things we buy for ourselves really make us happier?  Do we really use them that much?  It seems to me that we buy something to make us happy in some way, and when we get bored with it we get something else to make us happy because the other things no longer make us happy.  In my opinion, consumerism is like a prison.  We are taught that to be happy we need to keep buying new things.  For example, every year soo many people go out to buy the newest cell phone when the one they have will still work.  Ask yourself this question.  “How many things do I have that I never use.”


Will minimalism really make you happier, or will it make your life better?  At this time, I can’t answer that question, but I do know one thing, I’m going to find out.  I do know that it feels good to get rid of the stuff I already got rid of.  I look forward to finding out the truth about minimalism and sharing my results with you.